McLaren GT team visits RAF Coningsby

XI (Fighter) Squadron at RAF Coningsby recently hosted 17 visitors from McLaren GT.

McLaren GT visit to RAF Coningsby. (Photo: SAC Jack Welson RAF) CON-OFFICIAL-

The visit, on October 20, was organised by Senior Aircraftman (Tech) Tom Middleton and had the aim of sharing and discussing best practices across two very different examples of engineering excellence. The event followed a previous visit to the McLaren GT HQ at Woking by XI Squadron personnel.

SAC Middleton said: ‘The two visits were an excellent opportunity for ourselves and our guests from McLaren GT to discuss how we tackle similar, and yet different, technical challenges.

“It was illuminating for us to see the technology involved in motorsport and to discuss how our working practices help to secure success, whether that’s on the racetrack or in the air.”

Rachel Brunton, Marketing and Communications Coordinator from McLaren GT, added: ‘It was most interesting for us to meet like-minded people in a completely different industry but with a shared level of passion and dedication we both put into our daily operations.

“The visit to RAF Coningsby provided an invaluable insight for our team into how technology and working practices developed within that industry are transferable into motorsport.”