Michelle leads the way for worldwide female biker challenge

This week, a team of female motorcyclists will begin the ‘Women Riders World Relay’, starting at John O’Groats and involving 140,000 women across more than a hundred countries over the next year.

Michelle Gardner

The route across the UK and Ireland will take 12 days, and has already inspired over 200 women known as ‘Guardians’ to carry the baton across the first stretch of the relay.

One of these women is Michelle Gardner, from Louth, who will be joining the relay in Buxton, Derbyshire, from March 7 and will stay with the group for three days - including a stop at the cafe at Willingham Woods, Market Rasen, on March 8 as they pass through Lincolnshire.

It is believed that Michelle is the only Lincolnshire-based ‘Guardian’ taking part.

Michelle said: “I have only been riding a motorbike just over a year and have covered in excess of 18,000 miles on solo rides, group rides, biker rallies, camping and raising money for local charities.

“Riding a bike to me means a form of therapy and relaxation and I just love being on two wheels. I am also inspiring other local 
learner riders to follow me.”

The concept of the world relay is to raise awareness of the growing numbers of women in motorcycling, and to improve access to an appropriate range of protective clothing and accessories that fit - as motorcycle clothing requires protective padding to be located in the anatomically correct position, improving the safety of the rider during a collision or fall.

Visit www.womenridersworldrelay.com/our-riders for more information.