Mother and baby's car flipped onto roof in four vehicle smash on A17 near Asgarby

A mother and baby escaped with only minor injuries when their car was flipped onto its roof after being involved in a four vehicle collision.
Road accident news.Road accident news.
Road accident news.

The 28-year-old woman and her four-month-old son, from Lowestoft, were travelling in a silver Seat in a column of traffic at low speed when the collision occurred on the A17 at Asgarby yesterday afternoon at about 5.09pm yesterday (Monday), say police.

The collision also involved a Renault lorry from Heckington, a VW from Heckington and a Ranault Laguna from Norwich. There was a collision between the lorry and the woman’s Seat which was then in collison with the Laguna and flipped over, according to officers on the scene.

Emergency services attended and a police spokesman said: “It looked far worse than it was, with the only injury being to the driver of the Seat who cut her hand. She and her baby went to Pilgrim Hospital in Boston for a check up.”

The road was closed until about 6.39pm.

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