Mother flew into a rage

A DRUNKEN Clowne mum who flew into a rage in a police car was told by magistrates that she had ‘totally disgraced herself’.

Officers were called to Leanna Jackson’s King Street home twice on the night of 25th September regarding her behaviour.

They saw her stagger into the house on the first occasion and then, at 12.30am, she became argumentative for no reason and was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace.

Lynn Manning, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates that Jackson, 24, pulled on a police car door handle while being driven to the police station, in an attempt to get out of the vehicle.

“She was told to leave it and she replied: ‘I don’t care’ and pulled it again, causing it to snap off. The vehicle was stopped and she was restrained as she became more aggressive,” Ms Manning said.

Jackson was transferred into a police van for the remainder of the journey to Chesterfield.

She later said in interview she could not remember what happened.

“She was remorseful. She said she had been drinking lager and then wine from 6pm,” added Ms Manning.

Jackson admitted damaging property. She had no previous convictions although she was cautioned by police for an offence last year. The justices said she had totally disgraced herself in the police car and fined her £88, with £50 compensation and £85 costs.

Jackson told the court she had been out to a local pub that night while her partner looked after their four-month-old child. She apologised for her behaviour, saying: “I don’t drink as much now.”