Motorists call for safety measures on A631 after another accident

Motorists are calling for traffic lights or a roundabout on a busy Gainsborough road after an crash saw a woman taken to hospital.

Thorndike Way
Thorndike Way

On Tuesday, April 11, at 12.15pm two cars were involved in a crash on the A631, Thorndike Way, near the junction with Corringham Road, Gainsborough, and one woman was taken to hospital.

People of Gainsborough have taken to the Standard’s Facebook page to call for action to be action to improve the safety of this stretch of road.

Val Thomas said: “It’s about time they did something with that road, it needs traffic lights or a roundabout or there is going to be a fatal accident.”

Carina Beaumont said: “There are far too many crashes at that point so something needs doing to make it safer.”

Leanne Needham said: “I use this junction daily and agree something needs to be done. There are far too many accidents on this road/junction because people purely have no idea how to use it properly. The barriers were put there to make people stop before pulling out onto a very fast road.

“If it’s not clear both ways then simply wait. It’s not difficult. If it’s not your right of way don’t sit in the middle of a dual carriageway just to get to your destination 30 seconds earlier.

“I just hope somebody who can do something sees this and sorts something fast. I see debris on the road almost weekly, it’s scary and needs immediate attention.”

Improvements already made to the junction include a board which forces vehicles to come to a complete stop to see if traffic is approaching,

Back in 2011 an 83-year-old woman died after a car overturned after it left the road.