MP joins in the '˜straw poll' fun at Tetford Scarecrow Festival

Victoria Atkins MP recently joined visitors at the celebrated Scarecrow Festival in Tetford.

Victoria Atkins MP at the Scarecrow Festival in Tetford.

The event raised money for multiple small community groups and organisations, as well as the St Mary’s Church roof fund and the village school.

Victoria said: “My family and I had a lovely day out at the Tetford Scarecrow Festival.

“I particularly enjoyed the ‘Straw Poll’ conducted by David and Lou Gaunt, where visitors were asked to vote on whether we should remain in or leave the EU by voting with the Remain – “David Scarecrow” or the Leave - “Boris Scarecrow.”

Victoria added: “Tetford has spoken: the results were 61 votes for In, and 51 votes for Out.

“I have revealed this important result to other MPs and the press in Westminster, and am waiting to see whether it is reported on the News at Ten!”