MP quits Twitter after '˜abuse'

Brigg's Conservative MP has quit Twitter after suffering abuse from online '˜trolls' who called him fat, ugly, corrupt, and even a Nazi.
Andrew Percy EMN-160505-133624001Andrew Percy EMN-160505-133624001
Andrew Percy EMN-160505-133624001

MP Andrew Percy has announced his departure from the social media site after ‘increasing personal abuse’ following his mission to use the tool in a personal capacity.

Mr Percy said he had abandoned the increasingly ‘aggressive and nasty environment’ and called the trolls ‘saddos’.

The MP, who represents the Brigg and Goole constituency, has made his twitter account private and blacked out his picture with the bio reading: “This account is not monitored and used only for important constituency info. Contact my office directly, notifications are not monitored or responded to.”

Speaking about the decision to quit Twitter, Mr Percy said: “I’ve always done my own posts about my own interests and non-political things and I’ve tried to be very open.

“We’ve always had (abuse), but it’s an increasingly aggressive and nasty environment, with people making personal and abusive comments.

“In the past week I’ve been called fat, ugly, corrupt, a Nazi. In the past I’ve had anti-semitic abuse.

“With Twitter you open yourself up to this abuse - I don’t want my staff to do it and try to engage into it.

“I’ve thought about quitting for the last few years and especially since the Jeremy Corbyn election and the hard left have risen up.”

Mr Percy added: “Twitter can be a good tool and wonderful medium - especially during flooding matters.

“It is a shame and people will say that I am not rising to it but it has just got too much for me.

Politicians are just getting targeted on Twitter and it’s not nice - those who do it are just saddos.”

A few tweets remained immediately following Mr Percy’s decision to make his account private.

He said: “It’s not from constituents.

“I’m all for having a robust debate, but it’s increasingly personal abuse from people on the very hard left who describe themselves as ‘Corbynistas’ who cannot debate, but can just post insults.

“They call me racist, describe me as fat, a Nazi and say I have a big nose - and I don’t want that while I’m having to defend myself all the time.”

Mr Percy spoke out last week against Jeremy Corbyn after he chose to ban McDonalds from the Labour conference.

He signed off his account by posting: “This week or so alone called corrupt, fat, ugly, a liar and more. Expect this from the family, but not from strangers. Time to consider Twitexit. (sic.)”