MP raises concerns on Barclays bank closure

Victoria Atkins MP has contacted Barclays following last week’s announcement that their Mablethorpe branch will close in July.

Victoria Atkins MP

Ms Atkins said: “I am disappointed that Barclays have taken this decision, and I know that my constituents will also have concerns.

“Mablethorpe is a town which serves a number of fairly remote rural villages, and the nearest high street bank will now be some 15 miles away in Louth. Given the limitations of the public transport services locally, this could prove to be a long journey for some people.

“I have arranged a meeting with representatives of Barclays bank to discuss their decision and how it will affect residents in more detail.

“I will be asking about how they liaised with the community in terms of assessing the need for services and impact of closure.”

“I am interested in what analysis Barclays have undertaken on the availability of public transport, what measures will be put in place to ensure that support is available to those customers needing help with the replacement services, and what provision has been made for the staff 
at the Mablethorpe branch.”