MP speaks to prestigious Oxford society

It is a debating society which has welcomed a wide range of world famous speakers, from ex-prime ministers to actors and pop stars '“ and now it has played host to Boston MP Matt Warman (twice).

Mr Warman spoke at the 
Oxford Union on Thursday on the subject of This House Believes the Rise of Tech 
Empires Threatens Society.

The Oxford Union is a 
debating society whose membership is drawn primarily from the University of Oxford. It aims to promote debate 
and discussion not just at the university, but across the globe.

Mr Warman was making his second appearance at the society, having spoken there in 2012 as a journalist.

He told The Standard: “The iconic Oxford Union has seen countless lively debates in its history, so it was a pleasure to have been invited back there to speak last week on the threats and opportunities that arise from modern technology, be it artificial intelligence or social networks.

“As I said in my speech, there is a role for government to provide sensible regulation around technology, but at the same time we must grasp the many possibilities it provides and not be timid in the face of the future.”

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