'˜Mud, glorious mud': Louth team's tough challenge in memory of mum

A Louth woman recently took on the challenge of a lifetime in memory of her mum - with more than just a little bit of help from her friends.

Elisha, Emma, Becky, Simone and Gail after Tough Mudder.

Emma Chatterton-Greenwood, 39, joined forces with Elisha Walker, Simone Addison, Gail Brocklebank and Becky Brocklebank to take on the 11-mile ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge in the grounds of Belvoir Castle, near Grantham, on May 22.

The epic challenge - which is advertised as ‘probably the toughest event on the planet’ - took the team five hours and 40 minutes to complete.

During the day, the team had to battle their way through icy rivers, take on dozens of obstacles, carry huge telegraph poles, push their jumping and climbing skills to the limit - and they also took on more than 500,000 litres of mud.

Simone, Elisha, Becky, Emma and Gail before Tough Mudder.

The challenge was in memory of Emma’s mum, Jill Horton, who tragically died three years ago at the age of 55, following a three year battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

Emma, who works at the Wolds Care Centre in Louth alongside Elisha and Simone, decided to take on the task around Christmas time - with the third anniversary of her mum’s passing coming up in July.

She chose to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, which is the only national charity focused on MND care, research and campaigning.

This month is also the charity’s officials ‘Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month’, and more information is available at www.mndassociation.org.

Jill Morton, from Louth, died in July 2013 following a battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

Last weekend, Emma and her team calculated the total amount raised - which came to an impressive £2,019.

Emma told the Leader: “Tough Mudder was the biggest challenge of my life - and I’ve got three kids!”

“I knew it would be a challenge that would push us to our limits, and push boundaries such as heights and cold, icy rivers.

“I felt the fear factor on the day - I was petrified. But I knew I had to conquer it, as my mum fought for three years.”

Simone, Elisha, Becky, Emma and Gail before Tough Mudder.

Emma admits that she is not the fittest person - and was a smoker until a year ago - but intensive training at the gym and runs around Hubbard’s Hills helped her to prepare for the big day.

Emma said: “I would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors and everybody who supported us - we couldn’t have done it without you.

“It’s all been for a worthy cause and the money will make a real difference.”

• It is not too late to make a donation to the Tough Mudder team - simply visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Gail-Brocklebank.

Jill Morton, from Louth, died in July 2013 following a battle with Motor Neurone Disease.