Mumby lady targeted by scammers who seized control of her webcam

A lady from the Mumby area has been targeted by scammers, who seized control of her webcam and internet history.

Action Fraud

The incident happened on March 17, when the woman received a telephone call from someone claiming to be from British Telecom’s IT Department.

The callers stated that there was a virus on her computer and requested her personal details. The lady declined to give out any information.

However, they also requested that she turned on her computer, and after she did this they gave her a code to enter. After logging the code, a list of the lady’s internet browsing history was brought up on the screen.

The scammers were able to gain access to a live screen, and they also took control of her webcam and were able to view the lady.

The internet history showed the scammers what sites the lady had purchased goods from, and she was repeatedly asked if and when she last bought something online, in an attempt to discover her banking details.

Fortunately on this occasion no personal information was passed over, but police would like people to be aware if they come across a similar request and warn that people should not be fooled into giving out any personal information.

• Contact the Action Fraud helpline on 0300 123 2040 if you receive a similar scam phone call.