Mumby woman says hospice is her '˜saviour'

A hospice patient living with '¨a rare progressive disease has given her praise to St '¨BarnabasHospice in Louth - which she says is her '˜saviour'.

Lynn Peace.

Lynn Peace, 37, from Mumby, was just 18 years old when she began to show symptoms of what was later diagnosed as Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia.

The disease causes stiffness and contraction in the lower limbs, as a result of damage or dysfunction of the nerves.

Lynn didn’t think the hospice would be able to help someone with her condition, but their support soon became invaluable.

Lynn said: “Before I came to St Barnabas more than 12 months ago I lived in a world that felt very isolated and I was incredibly low. St Barnabas has been my lifeline and I now have a very different outlook on life. I am able to see the good once again.”

She said: “The nurses there are very understanding and they really take the time to listen to you and have helped to manage my pain and symptoms.

“Attending day therapy has also opened up opportunities to meet people in a similar situation to my own, which has been a great relief. We are able to share our experiences and it is a great comfort to realise you are not on your own.”

The flagship day hospice, run by St Barnabas, from the building leased to them by Louth & District Hospice in Grimsby Road, has propelled palliative care into a ‘new era’ and has brought a high level of expertise under one roof to support thousands of people with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

Lynn visits St Barnabas twice a week and during her time there she has benefited from physiotherapy, tai chi and acupuncture.

“The time I have spent with St Barnabas Hospice stands out as nothing short of outstanding when compared to any other care I have 
received,” she added.

The hospice works in partnership with other organisations to help patients live better, for longer, regardless of their diagnosis.

Around 435 patients benefited from various day therapy sessions last year, which are free of charge and funded wholly through charitable donations.

Day therapy can help people with a range of issues, such as physical, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological problems, with the aim of helping people manage their symptoms, gain more confidence, and improve their 
quality of life by assessing their personal needs.

St Barnabas also provides pre- and post-bereavement counselling, with a drop-in bereavement group meeting every Thursday afternoon.

Anyone aged 18+ can refer themselves to any services provided, without the need for a doctor’s letter. For details, call 01522 511566 or visit