Mum's lasting tribute to '˜Princess Keira'

The mother of Keira Wrenn, an eight-year-old girl who sadly died after a battle with a rare brain cancer last year, has published a book in memory of her daughter - and to let other suffering families know that they are not alone.

Keira Wrenn and mum Emma Wrenn

Emma Wrenn published ‘Princess Keira’s Dream: One Girl’s Battle, A Worldwide War’ last month, which tells of her daughter’s unique journey from her early life, through her sudden collapse in August 2014 and her subsequent cancer diagnosis, to her three-year battle with the disease, and her tragic death last year.

The book also addresses the difficulties through the eyes of Keira’s family as she courageously battled against Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) - a rare and highly aggressive form of brain cancer - and offers words of support and advice to other families in similar situations.

Emma, from Alford, said: “I started writing Keira’s story as a journal to get my feelings down on paper during her battle, but her followers kept asking me to write her story in a book because Keira had a very unique journey and defied the odds so many times.

Emma Wrenn's new book.

“It’s important for other parents to feel they are not alone and that they need hope - because without hope, we have nothing.

“So, with the aid of an amazing lady, Sarah Coyne (editor and publisher), we turned my words into ‘Princess Keira’s Dream: One Girl’s Battle, A Worldwide War’.

“I’m proud to have it published. Keira’s name lives on and we hope to help other parents, the way I know Keira would want to.

“It wasn’t easy to write, but it’s a story that needs telling. She led a unique battle and beat statistics.”

Emma added: “Twenty per cent of profits will be going to Funding Neuro, who did the Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED) medical trial that Keira was on. Because of that, Keira survived another 18 months with a good quality of life.

“So, as well as helping other parents, we will continue helping Funding Neuro to carry on their work.”

The book, which is being sold through the Amazon website, has received 100% five-star reviews from readers so far.

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