'My flooding hell': Horncastle business owner demands compensation

A Horncastle business owner is demanding compensation from Lincolnshire County Council after revealing she is having to cope with a '˜flooding nightmare.'


Corinne Tomlin, who runs Chat’z Hair Salon in the Bull Ring, says she has ‘lost count’ of the number of times her business has flooded in recent months.

She blames blocked drains and an uneven road and pavement outside her salon.

Mrs Tomlin claims rainwater collects in a ‘dip’ in the Bull Ring, just a few feet from her front door.


She says when vehicles ‘plough’ through the water, it floods back into her premises.

She adds woodwork and flooring in her business has been ruined while customers and passers-by are regularly drenched by spray from passing vehicles.

Mrs Tomlin says she has put sandbags outside her door every time it rains but they have failed to stop the flooding.

Mrs Tomlin has run her business since 2005 but says the problem has become much worse in the last 12 months.


She says that despite reporting the flooding to the county council, nothing has been done.

She adds flooding has become more of an issue since the county council carried out ‘improvement’ work on drains and the road surface at the main junction with the A158.

Mrs Tomlin told the News: “It’s a nightmare. Every time it rains I just think ‘oh no, not again’.

“Most people go home after a day at work and relax. I just pray it doesn’t rain.

“If it does, I have to rush back to work and put the sandbags out, but they can’t stop the water.

“It’s like a mini lake outside the door, but the car and lorry drivers don’t care. Waves of water come through the door.

“I’m fed up. It’s ridiculous.”

Mrs Tomlin says many of the vehicles are ‘rushing’ to make sure they get through the green traffic light at the junction of the Bull Ring and the A158.

She adds: “I’ve seen my customers and passers-by get soaked by water.

“That - and the sandbags - aren’t a great advert.It’s definitely affected my business.

“I pay my rates, but what do I get? Nothing. No one seems to care.”

Mrs Tomlin stresses repair work has been carried out but the next lot of flooding causes more damage.

She says she ‘believes’ the drain outside her premises was recently cleaned but a long-term solution is needed.

She explained: “The drain just blocks up again and the water can’t get away. The road and the pavement need repairing properly.

“In fact, the entire drainage system in this area needs looking at. Mine isn’t the only business that floods.”

A county council highways manager said: “An investigation was undertaken in the Bull Ring on September 1 and options in terms of the way forward will be considered.

"There are also other locations in the town that are to be visited.”