Louth & Horncastle MP's new role to support Afghan citizens

Victoria Atkins, MP for Louth & Horncastle, has been appointed by the Prime Minister to oversee the Government’s work on supporting Afghan citizens to rebuild their lives here in the UK.
Victoria Atkins, Louth & Horncastle MP.Victoria Atkins, Louth & Horncastle MP.
Victoria Atkins, Louth & Horncastle MP.

Following the evacuation of over 15,000 people from Afghanistan, Ms Atkins will lead “Operation Warm Welcome” as the new Minister for Afghan Resettlement, alongside her existing Home Office duties.

This operation will ensure that those who worked closely with the British military and UK Government in Afghanistan, and risked their lives in doing so, get the vital health, education, support into employment and accommodation they need to fully integrate into society.

The plans include the creation of a central portal where people, organisations and businesses can register their offer of support, whether it's through volunteering, a job opportunity, professional skills to help with integration and deal with trauma or donations of items like clothes and toys.

Free English language courses will also be provided for the dependants of former staff and Afghan translators.

The support provided will be similar to the commitments in the Syrian Resettlement Programme and will build on announcements already made, including £5 million for local councils to provide housing support, an offer of a vaccine for everyone on arrival and access to rapid mental well-being and trauma support.

Victoria Atkins, MP for Louth & Horncastle said: “Thank you to the heroes who have helped over 15,000 people flee terror in Afghanistan and find safety in the UK over the last two weeks.

"We now need to continue this humane work here at home. I am honoured to have been asked by the Prime Minister to lead the government’s work to welcome Afghan citizens and help them build bright futures in our country.”