New bid to resolve CCTV problems in East Lindsey

Top level talks between East Lindsey District Council and BT could finally solve the area's CCTV problems.

It was revealed in August that seven towns in East Lindsey - including Horncastle and Louth - were unable to utilise new digital cameras because BT had yet to carry out a vital upgrade of the system.

As a result, the towns are having to rely on an outdated analogue system, which police have described as ineffective.

ELDC deputy leader, Coun Graham Marsh wrote to BT, accusing the company of providing a ‘totally unacceptable service.’

Councils representing the seven towns are paying for a digital system.

Now, Horncastle’s county councilor Bill Aron says he understands talks between officers from ELDC and BT are set to take place.

Coun Brian Burbidge, chairman for Horncastle Town Council, welcomed the talks and added: “Hopefully, this will finally resolve the situation. We are one of many towns paying for a service we are not getting.”