New book reveals quirky facts on Lincolnshire - including Louth and Mablethorpe

A new book on Lincolnshire revealing some of the area's quirky and unusual history has now hit the shelves - and includes facts about Louth and Mablethorpe.

Andrew Beardmore pictured with his new book.
Andrew Beardmore pictured with his new book.

Derbyshire based author Andrew Beardmore has recently released the book, which also includes 450 glossy photographs, showing some of the best sights there are to see in Lincolnshire.

Andrew said he spent many months in the Lincolnshire area, doing research so he was able to put the book together.

“I currently have a full-time career in IT, but I really enjoy writing and it has become a very enjoyable hobby and has enabled me to produce books that have now been published,” Andrew said.

“I started covering my own area of Derbyshire and got my first book published in October 2014.”

After the book sold out really quickly, Halsgrove Publishing asked Andrew if he would do more books on others areas.

So the Lincolnshire area is now his fifth book and he has already now covered Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, plus Staffordshire. Another book he has written on Cheshire is also now with the printers.

“The best thing about writing these books is the time I have been able to spend in these beautiful areas doing my research,” Andrew added.

“For the Lincolnshire book, I visited the area over 20 times.”

To get a taste for what’s included in the book, here are just a few of its quirky snippets.

In Louth: The 1763 Act of Parliament for the Louth Canal was not financed in the standard way, and money was raised solely by the leasing of tolls. When the canal was completed in 1770, the commissioners leased the tolls to a certain Charlie Chaplin. He didn’t, apparently, wear a bowler hat though.

And in Mablethorpe: One story goes that the Book in Hand pub in Mablethorpe was based upon a shipwreck just off the coast, and that the only survivor was the captain, who came ashore with a Bible in his hands.