New book tells amusing tales of a rural vet's life

A former Horncastle vet and Farming Standard columnist has put pen to paper to recall time spent with creatures big and small.
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Having qualified as a vet in 1981, John Earl spent eight years in the Pennines, before moving to the Banovallum Veterinary Group in 1989.

During his time in Horncastle, his column ‘It’s a Vet’s Life’ was a mixture of general advice to farmers and some of the amusing happenings which occurred.

He also spoke to many WI and Young Farmers groups about his experiences and it is notes from these talks that have been the basis of his book, Cows in Trees.

“All the tales are true, that is one thing I can say,” said John.

“If you want to hear how a well-trained and, dare I say, educated professional got knocked over, attacked and embarrassed by his patients, then this is the book for you.”

John’s career came to an abrupt end in August 2012 following life-threatening injuries in a cycling crash.

“I have now had the time to write down my talk,” added John.

“Even if I say so myself, the tales are humorous, such as accidentally stapling my finger to a lamb when operating, which is the purpose of my book; if it does not make people laugh then I have failed.”

Cows in Trees will be released on general sale in July, with plans being made for the book to be launched at Bookmark in Spalding, with further signings in Horncastle.

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