New books for Sutton pre-school pupils

A set of new books worth almost £500 were recently presented to children at Sandcastles Pre-School in Sutton on Sea.

Pictured are some of the pupils at the pre-school enjoying the new books.

Billie-Jo Todd, an Independent Usborne Organiser, helped the pre-school to get their new books.

Ms Todd told the Leader: “As an Usborne Organiser, I help local schools with putting together sponsored listening/reading events and the money raised helps the youngsters get new books.”

Sandcastles Pre-School held such an event and raised £384.

And because they raised over £250, Ms Todd was able to get the pre-school an extra percentage of books and they ended up with a value with £499.

She recently went up to the pre-school and presented the new books - which seemed to go down extremely well with the youngsters who were very excited to start looking at them.

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