New document outlines '˜Case for Change'

A review into the county's healthcare has today (Wednesday) launched a document laying out what it calls its '˜Case for Change' in Lincolnshire.


Lincolnshire Health and Care (LHAC), which began in 2013 under the Lincolnshire Sustainable Services Review, is looking to prevent a deficit in the county’s health system which could reach up to £300 million by 2021.

The latest document lays out potential plans, including making some services single-sited, sharing services, using partners and better technology to provide better care and creating specialist hospitals and urgent care centres.

It also goes over some of the reasons change is needed, including staff shortages, finances, and in some cases, such as A&E, the oversubscription of services.

LHAC and other health organisations have often stated that ‘doing nothing is not an option’.

Previous reports have included suggestions that services such as Women’s and Childrens and Accident and Emergency services could be lost – however, LHAC has previously said no decisions have been made on the former.

A spokesman for LHAC also told The Standard that A&E would not be closing at any site, but may undergo specific changes to deal with how busy it can get.

Allan Kitt, Chief Officer for the LHAC programme said: “We all believe very strongly that the people of Lincolnshire deserve the best care we can give them. We appreciate that at some times change causes uncertainty, and in some cases anxiety, but if we are really to deliver on this ambition we must accept that some of the services now will have to change radically.

“We want to engage the people of Lincolnshire and professionals so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our plan and share in our vision for health and care in the county.”

A full public consultation is set to take place before the end of the year.

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