New homes plan for Chestnut Drive sparks fears

Residents have spoken out against ELDC's draft Local Plan which, if approved, could see more than 300 homes built to the south of Chestnut Drive.

Chestnut Drive

As reported last month, more than 1,000 new homes are in the pipeline for Louth as part of the district council’s Local Plan – which is a requirement from central government.

The largest single plot earmarked for development in the town – for more than 300 homes - is on land to the south of Chestnut Drive. Two homes in Chestnut Drive would be demolished to allow access to the new site.

Jason Boyall, 40, who lives in Chestnut Drive with his partner and young child, said: “The traffic increase to Chestnut Drive is my biggest concern. One of the reasons we moved here a couple of years ago was that the area is reasonably quiet and safe for children to play.

“We have a five year old, and currently he can ride up and down on his bike.

“With the increase to traffic, I certainly would not be as happy to let him ride about 
as he does now.

“Many of the people on Chestnut Drive have children or grandchildren and they also ride happily around.

“Not only would we all see an increase in cars in the long term but in the building phase there would be a huge amount of ‘plant’ traffic entering 
and leaving our road. The noise, dirt and pollution would also have negative effects to our area.

“The plan is to knock down one pair of semi-detached houses along the row to make the entrance to this new estate. If this is the only route in, then the junction of Chestnut Drive and Eastfield Road would be come very congested.”

Mr Boyall added: “I am not opposed to progression and new housing. What I am opposed to is hacking in a new road to a quiet, 
peaceful and safe area. Are there other options?”

Meanwhile, if the Local Plan is approved – and hundreds of new homes are built on the land south of Chestnut Drive – it will also be seen as a hammer blow for residents in Park Row.

The proposed development site is just to the south-west of Park Row. Only last month, residents were celebrating after 
the District Council’s planning committee threw out an application for 46 
homes to the north-east.

Mr and Mrs Colin Wooding, who live in Park Row, said they were ‘very disappointed’ to hear that hundreds of new homes could be built so nearby – with the front of their house overlooking the site 
just a couple of hundreds yards away.

The couple said that they were ‘astounded’ to discover that the site had been earmarked, and added: “This is a rural market town which should be supporting agricultural 
development - but this plan would take away the agricultural land to the south of Chestnut Drive which is currently used to grow crops.

“People in Park Row enjoy the rural aspect. We moved here for the environment, but this development would encroach and devalue our property.”

Mr and Mrs Wooding added that they were concerned about the increased volume of traffic that would exit 
from Chestnut Drive on to Eastfield Road – one of the 
main roads in and out of Louth – and also voiced their concerns over flooding.

•Other proposed development sites in Louth include land off Grimsby Road (240 homes) and off Legbourne Road (240 homes).

If you live in these areas, let us know your thoughts: [email protected]