New Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner to appoint deputy

Newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Marc Jones has announced his plan to appoint a Deputy.

Marc Jones.

Mr Jones, who was elected earlier this month, has informed the Police and Crime Panel of his intention to appoint a deputy, Conservative County Councillor for Ruskington and Cranwell, Stuart Tweedale.

The role would come with a proposed £18,000 a year pay packet - significantly less than some deputies around the country, according to Mr Jones.

Mr Jones said: “During the election campaign I was honest with the public about my intention to appoint a Deputy to work closely with me on a proactive crime prevention agenda.

Stuart Tweedale. EMN-160525-102945001

“I am very pleased that Stuart Tweedale has agreed to support me in delivering a robust Police and Crime Plan.

“Stuart will specifically oversee rural issues as well as lead on community engagement work to ensure that people of all ages from across the whole county have input into the type of policing they receive.”

Mr Jones explained over the past seven months he has learned, almost without exception, PCC’s who were in office from 2012 fell into one of two camps when it came to the matter of a Deputy. They largely regretted not appointing one or were totally convinced that they had made the right decision in appointing one.

He said: “There are a vast array of duties that often clash leading to many important meetings and briefings being delayed and in some cases not happening at all. The role is growing too as Government have made clear their intention to continue to enhance the PCC’s remit further and the size of the task is very clearly underestimated by a great many people.”

Stuart Tweedale. EMN-160525-102945001

During the election he chose not to discuss the name of the person he had in mind as he wanted to be judged on his ability to deliver in the role and wanted to confirm the deputy’s name with the Police and Crime Panel before making it public.

Mr Jones went on: “When deciding on an appropriate remuneration for the position I first looked at the pay of other Deputies around the country. I’ll be honest and say that I did not expect to see some of the sums that have been paid in some other areas although I’m sure they have their reasons for paying them.

“I decided to look closer to home to ensure value for money for the taxpayers of Lincolnshire and I have based the figure directly on the special responsibility payment received by local Executive Councillors at £18,000, which is vastly less than others I have seen. There will be no additional staff employed to support the Deputy role.

“I can confirm the costs will be met from existing budgetary provision.”

On Coun Tweedale, he commented that they had no previous history of working together, but said: “I have known Stuart as a councillor and a community champion since 2013.

“What I have observed in Stuart in the last three years is a warm, friendly disposition, a quiet relaxed competence that people trust and an integrity of character that is greatly admired.

“I have chosen Stuart because I know of his skills, temperament and commitment to deliver to the highest standard.”

The Police and Crime Panel will consider the Commissioner’s proposal at a formal Confirmation Hearing on Friday June 3.