New recording studio is hidden gem in Louth

A new recording studio has recently flung open its doors in Louth and is said to be the newest hidden gem for artists to record their work.

Band Last Chance is just one of the areas established acts that are using the new recording facilities in Louth.

Musician and producer Dave Formula from Louth opened the studio in September after a hard slog of 40-months building the space up to what it is now.

The studio is located in the town, but its exact location is under the radar for the time being.

“I run the studio with fellow musician and producer Keith Angel and we have a wealth of experience over a long career in the music industry,” Dave said.

“We are open to both new and established bands who are looking for somewhere new to record their material.”

It it an impressive modern space which includes five acoustically designed and generously proportioned spaces - filled with natural light, together with vintage and contemporary microphones, equipment and instruments.

Just one local band who recently used the space to record a promotion CD was Last Chance.

The band is made up of Paul Stupple,(65), from Alford, Peter McDowell,(65) from Spilsby, Phil Brougham (56) from Louth and David Mew,(70) from Stickford.

The group play a mix of 60s and 70s music as well as more modern material.

The band is available for bookings, call Paul on: 07979598867.

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