New recycling trial for households in Boston

More than 9,500 households across Boston, South Holland and North Kesteven will have to separate card and paper from the rest of their recycling as part of a new trial.
Boston Borough CouncilBoston Borough Council
Boston Borough Council

The three district councils will run the Lincolnshire Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy’s pilot from September.

Bosses at Lincolnshire County Council, who will fund the project, say 30% of recycling throughout the county is currently contaminated.

A new engagement officer will also be employed for the trial period, working 37 hours a week.

Lincolnshire County Council, which will buy bins for Boston and North Kesteven, has not revealed the costs yet – calling them “commercially sensitive” as contracts have yet to be agreed.

South Holland District Council which uses bags however, says the cost of the scheme should be £4,000 for blue sacks, £2,500 for delivery and £400 per fortnight to split the sacks.

Its cabinet will examine the plans next Tuesday.