Newlands Court residents knit blankets for new born babies

A group of five residents from Acis owned Newlands Court in Gainsborough have knitted eight blankets for new born babies in the neo natal intensive care unit at Lincoln County Hospital.
The completed blanketsThe completed blankets
The completed blankets

Kathlen Bostock, Gladys Kirby, June Stainton, Carol Hodgkinson and Barbra Smith put in hours of time and effort into making the knitted blankets.

The women who live at Newlands Court in Gainsborough said they wanted a purpose and felt like they could still do amazing things for other people.

With donations of wool from various people around Gainsborough they spent two months knitting beautiful blankets to be used by the families and the youngest patients at the hospital.

Bryony Roberts, Acis’ Talent Match Area Ambassador, said: “I visit the ladies up at Newlands regularly and we also chatted about what we would love to do and who we want to be.

“We spoke about having a purpose and the feeling as doing something good so our project, ‘Snug as a Hug’ was born.”

“With the help of some fabulous ladies and their friends we created beautiful knitted blankets for the NICU in Lincoln County Hospital.”

“And the sense of happiness and love from the project is something worth remembering.

“I am so proud of the project and all who got involved.”

Newlands Court is situated in the uphills area of Gainsborough in Newlands and consists of 43 flats and benefits from a secure door entry system. Nearby shops including Post Office and local bus service.

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