NHS issue telltale signs of Australian Flu as teenager dies after contracting virus

More than 85 people are reported to have died from the fluMore than 85 people are reported to have died from the flu
More than 85 people are reported to have died from the flu
The NHS has issued nine telltale signs you could have Australian Flu and it comes after a Scottish teenager died after taking ill with the deadly virus.

Last week, Bethany Walker, 18, from the village of Applecross in the western Highlands, was airlifted to Inverness for treatment but later died.

More than 85 people are reported to have died from the flu so far this winter with different strains dubbed French Flu and Japanese Flu also said to be spreading.

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Heather Teale, the mother of the Scottish teen who died when the bug turned to pneumonia, took to social media to confirm the news and pay tribute to her daughter.

Writing on Facebook the day after Bethany passed away, Ms Teale said: “My beautiful Daughter Bethany Walker was taken from me yesterday.

“She had been suffering from a flu virus, which became pneumonia, she was airlifted to Raigmore with me by her side yesterday morning, where she rapidly deteriorated, the staff in Intensive Care could not have done more.

“She was given the best possible treatment from a team of eight people for over two hours, they tried everything possible but sadly despite their best efforts she didn’t make it. I am broken, the bottom has fallen out of my world.

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“I have my mum with me, and my wonderful son who are both feeling the same loss as I am. Life will never be the same again.

“Bethany, I love you to the moon and back, I always have and I always will, you were the best Daughter I could have ever wished for and I will always be the proudest Mum in the world.

“I have no more words. I’m truly devastated. Sleep tight my beautiful girl, your brother and I will love you forever, you will never be out of my thoughts as long as I live.”

The wide spread of the virus across the UK has seen the flu status raised from “normal” seasonal activity to “moderate”.

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Health authorities have warned the threat of ‘Australian flu’ infecting British people has risen - the elderly, pregnant and children with chronic illnesses are being urged to get vaccinated.

The H3N2 strain - has arrived in the UK after claiming hundreds of lives in Australia.

How can you tell if you have picked up the virus?

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