Nick Louth's latest novel hits the '˜Top 100' charts

Award-winning writer Nick Louth has said he is '˜absolutely delighted' after his latest novel made it into the top charts on the Amazon website.

Nick Louth with his new book, 'The Body in the Marsh'.

The Body In The Marsh - which has been described as a ‘completely gripping crime thriller’ by reviewers - was published just a few months ago, but has already taken the literary world by storm.

The book is Nick’s first crime thriller - somewhat of a departure from his usual action thrillers - but it has gained a legion of fans, and just last week made it into the top 100 Kindle sales in the UK on the Amazon website.

The book reached #55 in all Kindle sales, and #13 within the ‘crime thriller’ category.

Nick said: “The book is selling hundreds of copies a day in Kindle, but not so many on paperbacks which cost a fair bit more. I’ve already had a signing day in the local WH Smith, and one in Lincoln, so I’m starting to get into the national book chains a bit more.

“I think this thriller has done well because there is a very unusual twist in it, and even when people figure it out they think: Huh? How is that possible? And at 
the end I explain how it genuinely is possible.

“I do a lot of research, and have some very good forensic and police sources, which is part of the journalistic background that I apply to my writing.”

• The book is also available at WH Smith in Louth, or online at