No evidence to link '˜slight increase in overnight crime' to street lighting changes, say police

Lincolnshire Police says there has been a '˜slight increase in overnight crimes' but says there is no evidence that street lighting changes by Lincolnshire County Council has caused it in a report released this morning (Monday).


The force has released its initial findings into the effect that the introduction of part-night street lighting has had on the county’s crime levels which compares crime levels from before the council introduced the scheme to now that 42,000 street lights have been switched off between the hours of 12pm and 6am.

Crimes considered in the report included burglaries, violence, robberies, vehicle offences and cases of criminal damage in the areas affected by the changes.

Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West said: “Our findings so far are that there has been a slight increase in these overnight crimes.

“This is not surprising as we are experiencing more calls than ever before and overall crime in Lincolnshire has increased, as it has nationally.”

He pointed to statistics which show that crime in the county has risen by four per cent compared to 11 per cent nationally.

However, he said: “At present we believe there is no link between the introduction of part-night lighting and levels of crime.

“We will continue to monitor crime levels and if our analysis highlights any concerns at any time we will speak with the council.

“We may also look at other types of crime to ensure we are gaining a complete picture.”

“I fully understand that when part-night lighting was introduced residents were concerned about their safety.

“Lincolnshire is an incredibly safe place to live and rest assured we are fully committed to making sure you are safe day and night.”

Marc Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire Police welcomed the report and the commitment to a ‘continuous review’.

He added: “It is vital that people both are and feel safe and we will continue our efforts to ensure both.”

Lincolnshire County is currently consulting residents and businesses on the impact of part-night lighting.

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