'˜No invitation' to flood alleviation scheme for Louth's flood warden

Ministers and senior council figures will attend the official opening of Louth's flood alleviation scheme next Friday... but there was no invitation for the town's long-serving flood warden, Darren Hobson.

Councillor Darren Hobson, long-serving flood warden for Louth.

Mayor of Louth, Coun Pauline Watson, and Town Clerk Linda Blankley have been invited to the opening ceremony, but Darren - who now serves on the town council - appears to have been overlooked.

At the council’s meeting last Tuesday, Coun Andrew Leonard questioned why Coun Hobson had not been invited.

The Town Clerk explained that the council had received ‘strictly’ just two invitations, and that it was the same for every authority involved.

Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders exclaimed: “But Coun Hobson has been flood warden for eight years!”

She later added: “When I was Mayor and we had a flood, Darren was there all the time. He was up all night, he was on Facebook (announcing flood updates), he did everything. He deserves to be there.”

The Mayor agreed that ‘an exception should be made’ for him, given the circumstances.

Coun Margaret Ottaway branded the situation ‘disgusting’, and suggested that the council should write and say they are ‘saddened’ that Coun Hobson’s long-standing role had ‘not been recognised’.

The Town Clerk offered her ticket, but councillors agreed that she should not have to sacrifice her place - as she is a member of the project board, and to maintain ‘continuity’.

A separate celebration event will be held later this year.