No penalty for fish thief

A FORMER drug addict and serial shoplifter has avoided punishment for stealing tinned fish worth £250.

Worksop magistrates heard how Shane Chapman, 32, of Princes Street, Mansfield, stole 20 tins of wild red salmon and 10 tuna tins worth £166 from Sainsbury’s, Worksop, on 28th May this year. The manager saw him and CCTV confirmed the theft.

On 29th June, Chapman was also caught swiping 16 cans of salmon, six beef brisket joints and six deodorants from Co-op in Newark, worth £91.

Chapman admitted both thefts, telling police he was going to sell the groceries to buy drugs. He had 30 other thefts on his record.

Magistrates let him off with a conditional discharge after hearing that he was a ‘changed man’, who had co-operated with police and tested negative for drugs.