North Lincolnshire healthy organisations to receive awards

Four employers have become the latest organisations to set their workforces on the road to a much healthier lifestyle with the help of North Lincolnshire Council. And one organisation has seen a 50 per cent fall in absence due to mental health.

Coun Rob Waltham.
Coun Rob Waltham.

The Awards will be handed out at a presentation event today at the Civic Centre in Scunthorpe.

Ongo has achieved their Gold Healthy Workplace Award after taking a number of different steps to encourage and enable employees to improve their mental wellbeing and minimise stress within the workplace, eat a more balanced diet, stop smoking, take more exercise, and reduce musculoskeletal injuries.

North Lincolnshire Council has achieved Silver Award for effectively targeting musculoskeletal disorders, healthy eating, mental wellbeing and minimising stress with an ongoing commitment of Mental Health First Aid Lite training for managers and employees. Working with Time to Change on activities including taking the Time to Change pledge to end mental health stigma and discrimination, this work is improving awareness of and supporting the mental wellbeing needs of all employees of the council.

Humberside Fire Service and Healthwatch North Lincolnshire have both made a very positive and enthusiastic start in improving their employees’ health by successfully achieving their Bronze Awards.

The award is a key part of the Health in the Workplace Programme run by North Lincolnshire Council. The scheme encourages staff at all levels to take vital steps to improve their daily lifestyle and look at ways of improving their mental health, fitting more physical exercise and a better diet into their busy working lives.

Companies interested in finding out more about the scheme and what North Lincolnshire Council can offer their workforce should contact Bob Hulme, Workplace Health Programme Co-ordinator at North Lincolnshire Council on 01724 298202, mobile 07826908595 or email [email protected]

Linda White, Ongo HR Business Partner, said: “We have just received stats to say that absence due to mental health is 50 per cent less this year. This is fantastic and just goes to show that with a little intervention and help, we can have a healthier workforce and reap the benefits.”

Councillor Rob Waltham (pictured), cabinet member for People at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “It makes perfect sense to have a healthy workforce and the council is driving forward the need to change and improve people’s lifestyles to benefit everyone in the workplace. Staff sickness or stress places a huge cost burden on employers, costing the UK economy £14 billion a year (according to the Office of National Statistics). By introducing some simple steps into the workplace – at a managerial and officer level, we can achieve great results.”

Bob Hulme, Healthy Workplace Award Programme co-ordinator at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “More and more employers are realising that it makes good business sense to get involved in the Healthy Workplace Programme. Good health means good business! Benefits for employers are very real – reduced sickness absence, increased productivity and efficiency. Having a happier, fitter workforce is a great reason for organisations to become involved and take workplace health seriously.”