'˜Not good enough': Refuse collection van parks in disabled bay

A Louth man has blasted East Lindsey District Council after his disabled wife was unable to park in a disabled parking bay in town- because it was taken up by a council-owned refuse collection van.

The refuse collection vehicle was parked in a disabled bay. (Image supplied). EMN-180718-145257001
The refuse collection vehicle was parked in a disabled bay. (Image supplied). EMN-180718-145257001

Jerry Gale, 56, was driving his wife Lorraine, 53, into town last Wednesday morning (July 11) at around 8am, and was hoping to park in the disabled bay in Aswell Street, outside the Turk’s Head pub.

However, when they got there, the couple discovered the refuse collection vehicle - which was parked in the centre of the disabled parking area, meaning that nobody else was able to park either in front or behind.

Mr Gale told the Leader that his wife suffers with arthritis in her joints and spine, and would not be able to walk very far into the town without suffering pain.

He said: “We were trying to get parked in a disabled bay on Wednesday, and this vehicle was parked dead centre so no one else can park.

“Disabled people with a blue badge are always getting moaned at for where they park, and then we have to deal with this. It’s not good enough!”

ELDC’s Neighbourhoods Service Manager, Danny Wilson, said: “Parking is generally restricted in the towns (double yellow lines, loading only, disabled parking).

“Therefore, it is recognised by the Civil Enforcement Officers that we will park in restricted zones for as limited time possible (on occasion) to allow us to collect waste from the litter/dog bins safely.

“We do usually collect the waste from the towns at the least busy times (early morning, late evening) as to ensure we are causing as little disruption as possible.”

Mr Gale said he’d seen similar instances in Louth before, and felt that the council’s response was a ‘cop out’.

He added: “They’ve got an answer for everything.”

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