Notts: Police launch new campaign to fight violent crime

Nottinghamshire Police have launched a zero-tolerance campaign in a bid to tackle violent crime across the county.
Simon TorrSimon Torr
Simon Torr

Police were prompted to take urgent action after statistics revealed there were 13,217 instances of violent crime in the county between June 2012 and July this year.

Alliance Against Violence, a preventative new approach backed by Police and Crime Commissioner, and former Sherwood MP, Paddy Tipping aims to stamp out alcohol-related crime, robbery and hate crime through three weeks of activities planned over the next few months.

Education and early intervention will be a focal point of the campaign, with schools being visited by police officers and a former offender, who was left severely disabled as a result of an alcohol-related offence, to offer guidance and warn young people against the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

“Alliance Against Violence is a long-term strategy and alliance which we hope will encourage members of the community to stand up and join forces against violent crime,” said police spokesman Simon Torr.

Police will work closely with pub landlords and retailers, carrying out checks to ensure licensed premises and shops are well run.

Offenders who are arrested for being drunk and disorderly will be given the opportunity to reduce their fine providing they attend an alcohol diversion scheme,

There will also be an increase in hotspot robbery patrols, repeat victim focus and engagement with communities and neighbourhoods.

“The bottom line is that violence is unacceptable and with support from the community we can truly show that we will not tolerate it,” added Mr Torr.