Notts: Take part in Climate Week challenge

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Veolia Environmental Services (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste contractors) are encouraging Nottinghamshire residents to take part in an at home Climate Week Challenge (3rd – 9th March).

Climate Week highlights positive steps that enable people to live and work more sustainably, so helping to combat climate change. Here are some ways that everyone can be a part of it, completely for free!

Save water and energy

Clean water requires a great deal of energy - to purify and pump to your house, and then to heat if you use it as hot water. Help save the planet and your pocket by taking shorter showers, not leaving taps running when doing the washing up, and using a water-displacement device in your toilet cistern.

Do your bit for the sewer system

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Climate change makes extreme weather more likely, and the sewer system is crucial in dealing with excess water from heavy rain. Sewers get blocked when people dispose of cooking oils down the sink, or “wet wipes” down the toilet. Do your bit for sewers by recycling your cooking oil at one of our Recycling Centres and by putting your wet wipes in your wheeled rubbish bin and not into the drains.

Household Energy

One of the most effective ways to help tackle climate change is to change where your energy comes from. Take the ‘Climate Week Energy Switch’ and switch your electricity and gas supply to a green energy company.

Love your Laundry

Washing clothes at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees uses around 40% less energy.

Avoiding the tumble dryer and hanging your clothes out on the line will save even more energy and cut your bills further.

Green your Cuisine

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Eat food that has a lower impact on the environment - use more seasonal and local

food, less meat and dairy and use up leftovers rather than throwing them away.

Kevin Parker Regional Communications Manager at Veolia Environmental Services says: “Everyone can help accelerate action on climate change by making Climate Week have an impact in homes and businesses across Nottinghamshire.”