Obituary: Lynne Lucette Edwards

It was with sadness family, friends and neighbours heard of the death of Lynne Edwards at Willan House Care Home, Stainfield, following a long period suffering with Alzheimer’s.
Lynne Edwards EMN-190116-073152001Lynne Edwards EMN-190116-073152001
Lynne Edwards EMN-190116-073152001

Lynne, aged 73, was born on April 4, 1945, to Bert and Doris Dixon in Bardney.

Her father worked on the river board controlling the local water and she attended Bardney School moving onto Cagthorpe School.

Happy memories for her from those years were in dancing and music.

After completing her schooling, Lynne worked at Morrells Canning factory in Bardney, before moving onto Bainbridge’s in Lincoln.

She went onto be head of the accounts at Asda’s and Kwik Save.

In 1978, she was employed at E.H. Thorne’s Beehives in Wragby, as merchandiser and invoice clerk, where she met John Edwards.

Their friendship blossomed and they married in 1984 at St Giles Church, Langton by Wragby, making their home in Cemetery Road, Wragby.

Lynne was very ‘hands on’, improving their home by getting plaster off the walls, decorating and wall-papering, as well as welcoming their baby Clare into their home.

There were so many happy times together: Lynne’s cooking, and she was always there, caring, helping and understanding, to her family and friends.

She cared so much for her garden and flowers too, visiting Fulletby and walking in the fields.

Lynne did so much for the local community: she set up the ‘fun-factory’ pre-school group and became a teaching assistant at Wragby Primary School.

She was extremely patient, kind and understanding.

Lynne was always present at local fundraising events – even dressing up in Victorian costume for the church fete.

Lynne supported the fundraising events for the surgery and the local swimming pool too, as well as Rainbows and Brownies, where Clare was a member.

One of the most exciting moments was the Millennium celebrations in Wragby, where she was on the committee and it was an event to be proud of.

Lynne worked hard with the committee to make it a great success, having the ability to bring friends, neighbours, the community together, but it was always the family that was the centre of everything for her.

Lynne looked forward to holidays as a family and enjoyed Tenerife, Belgium, Portugal, the pyramids of Giza, along with, closer to home: Scarborough, Llandudno and stately homes, especially if there were wonderful gardens to view.

It was a special time for Lynne when she attended Clare’s wedding at St Giles and, more recently, when having a visit with Clare and her son Oscar – he spoke his first words.

Thanks has to be given for the life of Lynne – a wonderful wife, loving mother and grandmother and friend to so many people in Wragby, who will be sadly missed.

She is survived by husband John, Clare, Chris and Oscar - daughter, son-in-law, and grandson - and Dennis Edwards, brother-in-law.

The funeral was held at Lincoln Crematorium, followed by a Service of Celebration for the Life of Lynne at All Saints Church, Wragby, both officiated by the Rev Mark Holden.

Funeral arrangements were made by J Marshall Funeral Directors of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: John Edwards (husband); Clare and Chris Trendell (daughter and son-in-law); Dennis Edwards (brother-in-law); Tim Dixon (from the Isle of Man), Jane Wattam (also representing Andrew Wattam, Janet Gurnhill, John and Gwen Kitchen, Valerie Massam– cousins); Ken Wood; Norman Legate; Steve Legate.

Names taken at church: Bob Clark - verger; Caroline Hydes (also representing Rodney and family); Alan Bancroft; Gloria Briggs; Andrea Ward; Baz and Tressa Bruntlett; Jill Whitfield; Mr and Mrs Hart; Sheila Cartwright – organist; Mr and Mrs S Alcock; Dave and Dorothy Warr (also representing the family); Jo Bailey; Anne Buffham (also representing the family, and Betty and Geoff Ward); Clare Lee; Liz Mossop; Brenda and David Bodily; Rae Ellis (also representing Karen); Keith Wilkinson; Mr Broadhead; Freda Draper (also representing the family); Betty Lammiman; Christine Brackenbury (also representing Olive Paul and Bob Paul); Rita and Reg Dixon; Alice Hodgson; Jennifer Ward; Roy and Peggy Shuttleworth; Mr and Mrs Dodsworth; Eileen Rushby; Alan Bruntlett; Anne Green; ‘Titch’ Lee; Angela Holland; Katie Shinkins; Hana Martin; Angela Kane; Emma Kay; Bronwyn Wallis (also representing Paul Wallis); Vera and Alan Smart; Alan Humphries; John Bennett; Pam and John Till (also representing Sara and Andrew Hill); Ted Dodds (also representing Glyn Dodds); Sue Schmitt (also representing Katie and Emma); Benny Hinchliffe (also representing Grant and Jo); Nicola Barnes (also representing Muriel Whittaker); June Pears; Bernard Pixsley; Jenny and Nigel Smith; Jill Dixon; John and Margaret Kane; Mr and Mrs Alf Shaw; Gill Portas; John and Christine Shiers; Graham Osborne; Gordon and Yvonne Blackburn; Fiona Whimster; Margaret Saunders; Janet Kerkhoff; Miranda Johns; Fred and Margaret Robinson; Eileen Espin; Lil and Pete Kane (also representing Laura Spittles); Paul and Sue Johnson; Shirley Watson (also representing John Pearson); Denny Blackburn; Mrs J Walton (also representing Wragby Primary School); Pam Sutherland (also representing Margaret, Heather and Robin); Rebecca Coleman; Gill Smith (also representing Paul Smith and Mrs Thorne); Debbie and Ben Clucas; Kay Franklin; Vicky James; Edith and Victor Nash; Marina and Leslie Masters; Nevil and Sylvia Betts; Graham and Marie Rogers; Pauline Cooper (also representing Doug Clarke); Sandra and Raymond Wass; John Harrison; Emma Baldock (also representing Mr and Mrs Baldock); Faye Maidens; Douggie and Carol Andrew; Nicola Murphy (also representing Tracey Cowman); Barbara Blackburn; Nora Blackburn; Mick Shepherd.