Obituary: Angela Mary Warne

The funeral service for Angela Mary Warne was held at St Peter's Church in Saltfleetby.

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. EMN-171104-080626001

The service was conducted by the Rev David Newlove, with arrangements by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services.

Angela was much loved by all who knew her, which was reflected in the packed church for the service.

Family mourners were: Neil and Julie Warne, Richard and Eleanor Warne (sons and daughter-in- law); Jonathan Warne and Jason Caborn (son and friend); Daniel, Oliver and Isabel Warne, Zachary and Alexis Warne (grandchildren); Caroline Jackson and Charlie Boylan (sister and partner); Marcus Walmsley and Amy Dimmock (nephew and partner); Maurice Jackson ( father); Maureen Robinson (aunt, also representing Joy Wilkinson); Phil and Bridget Odlin, Derek and Marjorie Jackson (uncles and aunts); Kay Jackson (also representing Nigel) and Christopher Appleby (family friend).

The Somercotes Singers attended including: Val Brooks; Anne Greenfield (also representing Alvingham and District WI), Elaine Whetton (also representing the WI), Christine Baxter (also representing Sue Holmes), Jackie Newborough, Dorothy Vernon, Enid Findon, Lilian Sprowson, Anne Wilford, Anne Lambert, Sue Gray, Margaret Newton, Zoe Dowson, Brenda Davey, Nicky Carpenter, Marjorie Thorogood and Lisa Statham.

Other mourners attending: Margaret Clark; Stephanie Vessey, (also representing Trish Atkinson); Irene Unsworth (also representing The Unsworth Family); Brian and Barbara Farrey (also representing Stuart and Cathy); Mick Adams, (also representing The North Somercotes Domino League); Mavis Adams, (also representing The New Inn Domino Team); Bill and Connie Stennett; Enid Coffey; Jane Riggall; Pat Needham (ACL WI Committee); Sheila Riggall, (also representing Andrew and Dawn Humberstone, North Somercotes WI and Anne Parrish); Martin and Jane Chapman (also representing Brian and Susan Handley, Sheila and Ysanne Taylor, David and Marlene Hardy and Jack and Sylvia Crossfield); Brian, Ros and Hannah Bishell (also representing Linda Stones and Carol Allison); Babs Graham, Elizabeth Stubbs (friend and domino player); Enid Donnington; Marie Prescott; Denise Warne (also representing Andrew, Aaron and Sean); Hugh and Shirley Poths; Sue Bradley (WI Board of Trustees); Chris Morgan (WI Federation Chairman); Sarah Carter (Federation Treasurer); Maureen Bunnage, (also representing Skellingthorpe WI); Pauline Gill-Stafford (also representing Faldingworth WI); Catriona Adams and Ann Lendrum (also representing Hykeham Forum WI); Howard and Pauline Oakes; Andrew and Sharon Oakes; Nicola Golphin; Anne-Marie Law; Judith Snelling (also representing Gillian Lovatt); Maureen Lill (also representing Pip Molloy and Shirley Wood); John Lill, (also representing The Louth Playgoers, Riverhead Theatre); Julie Doe; Jackie Cheetham; Steven Madge; Carol Madge; Andrew and Amy Carlton, (friends); Mel Kingswell; Frances Brindle; Sarah Warne (also representing Trevor Guerin and Valerie Johnson); Ann Preston (friend); Evelyn Vickers; Sue Warren; Connie Grantham; Ann Crossley; Audrey Foster; Janet Abbott(also representing Philip Abbott and family); Pat Emmerson (also representing Keddington and Louth Park WI); Jacky Lee-Guyan (also representing Nettleham WI); Colin and Peggy Plaskitt; Mrs Tuxworth; Dot Chapman; Kathy Crust (also representing South Reston and District WI); Christine Odlin (also representing Nancy Robinson); Peter and Christine Laking (also representing Marlene Willows); Martin and Dawn Sellars; Linda Dickinson, (also representing Annette Brewell and Angela Hawkins); David Kettle (also representing Simon and Becky); Gill Kettle, (also representing North Thoresby WI); Irene Willey; Joan Hull; Jean Waumsley; Denise Jebb; Malcolm Appleby; Karen Goodyear, (also representing Sandy Carter); Margaret Cooper and Moyra Hounsell (also representing South Elkington WI); Ann Carter; Janet Lismore (also representing Sutton on Sea WI); Linda Appleby, (also representing Gary Marsh and Martin Appleby); Derek and Janet Appleby; Dick Parker; Margaret Noone; Brian and Christine Cliffe, Louth Playgoers (also representing Di Flower); George and Shirley Vickers, (also representing Mandy, Debbie and Sharon); Barry and Irene Fox; Mandy Chapman; John Lusby; Sue West (also representing Liz Vickers); Mrs Spetch; Hilary Mountain; Heather Cartwright; Alison Cook; Stephanie Teanby; Eddie Dunkin; Stuart Jameson, (also representing The Jameson family); Jon and Tracey Mackenzie; Ann Barnes and Jean Shuck, (also representing the North Scarle WI); Wendy Berry; Betty Ellis,(also representing Manby Shamrock Dominoes); Janet Morris; Mary Mundy, (also representing Gerald); Malcolm Spendlow (also representing Lorraine Spendlow, Peter Maddison and Louth Playgoers Society); Gerry Davey; Bob and Norma Booth, (also representing the WI, Louth Playgoers and Delma Chambers); Audrey Saul; Mrs J Read; Sheila Fleetwood; Barry and Jean Hall (also representing Wendy Hunt andCarol Skill); Joan Ward; Angela Tubb; Mick and Pauline Toothill; Christine Chapman, (also representing Keddington and Louth Park WI); Peter and Shirley Draycote; Carol Hill; David and Barbara Clay; June Laughton (also representing Carol Baile, Eileen Gayne, Janet Bett and Sue Cox); Bruce and Sue Stapleton; Sue Hamilton, Anne Siddle and Judith Kitching (also representing South Elkington WI); Sue French, (also representing South Elkington WI and Val Gothard); Heather Clarke; Garry Oakes; Shirley Wooding; Dianne Tuckett (also representing Ludford WI); Diane Rollinson (also representing Peter Rollinson); Joanna Kelly; Margaret Grantham, (also representing Jeanette Brothwell); Liz Gallagher and Marjorie Thoroughgood, (also representing Sutton on Sea WI); Jan Bixby, (also representing Horsington WI); Cheryl Warwick; Gill Kennett; Lesley Dover; Harry and Sue Cook (also representing Keith and Trish Atkinson); Alan Riggall; Paul and Wendy Warne; Martin and Kerry Oakes; Audrey Chatterton (also representing Burgh le Marsh WI); Brenda Williams (also representing Maltby le Marsh WI); Mrs C A Varnes; Mr and Mrs Key; Louise Briggs (also representing Robert and Clare Briggs); Ron and Valerie Irwin; Barbara Bragg; Noi Sear; Helle Clark and Deborah Goddard (also representing Darren Goddard).