Obituary: Bernard Hodgson

The funeral for Bernard Hodgson, aged 65 of Mareham le Fen, was held at the parish church.


The Rev Kathy Bush officiated at the service and arrangements were by Michael H Sivill of Coningsby.

Bernard was born at Revesby and spent his working life as a farmer.

Family mourners were: Linda (wife); Neil (son); Claire (daughter); Susan Russell (sister); Tristan Russell, Andrew Russell, Craig Gosling (nephews); Marcus and Sadie Russell (nephew and wife); Stuart and Alison Gosling (nephew and wife); Kathleen and Michael Gosling (sister and brother-in-law); Jean Chapman, Philip Digby, Paul Hodgson (cousins);. Derek and Janet Roberts (cousin and wife); Tony and Ann Roberts (cousin and wife); Keith and Shirley Hodgson (cousin and wife).

Others present at the service were: Di Slatter; Judith Marcham; carol Tointon; Mr and Mrs George Allwood; Wright and Audrey English (also rep Mervyn and Marilyn Casey); John Willoughby, Maggie Willoughby (also rep Shirley Trafford); Paul Willoughby and Sarah Epton; Josephine Epton; Josephine Truepenny (rep Norman Wright); K Hobson; Sarah Bradley; Julie and David Borthwick; Mr and Mrs B Chamberlain (rep Chamberlain family); Glyn Olive; James East; iris Parker; Michael and Ann Chester; Keith Briggs; Bill Daubney; Bill Stennett (rep John Plowright); John and Mary Sims (rep John Simpson); Dave Smith; Ken and Anne Chappell; Susan Frith; Pat Kent; John and Val Hill; Ann and Frank Johnson; Michael Read (rep Sheena); Richard Waite; Mr and Mrs Harness (rep family); David Garner (rep Sheila and Katie); John and Wendy Laight; Douglas and Jenny Laird; Chris Laird (rep Coningsby Young Farmers Club); R B Wingate (rep John and Pat Burrows); William Tyrrell; Gordon Hill; Bob and Lesley Bell; Margaret and John Simpson; Marion and Peter Bass; Mr and Mrs John Twigg (rep Dick Taylor); Mr and Mrs D W Hodgson; Dave Boyles; Ashley Boyles; Bernard and Madge Rogers; Mr Thorndyke (rep James and Phillip); Mr and Mrs Goodwin; Mr Armstrong; Sally Lloyd (rep Neil Lloyd); Jo Burnett and Tom Burnett; Katie Matthews; Ruth Browne; Shirley and Brian Wilson; Lisa Bush Eamon and Tricia Sleaford; Mr and Mrs Short; Derek and Janet Hodgson (rep Betty Hubbard, Lionel and Angela Maxwell); Mary and Alan Watchorn; D Paddison (rep J Friskney); Stella Stafford (rep William Lovell Academy); Roy Harrison; Simon and Alan Harrison; Pete and Marilyn Cotton; Harold Major (rep Biddy); Dave Jones (rep Carlton Fuels); Tony Gosling; Mr and Mrs Hobson; Pete Houldershaw; David and Mandy Chappell; Mr and Mrs J Roe (rep Mr and Mrs P Roe); Michael Belper; Malc and Celia Firth; Daphne Firth; Paul Firth; James Sharp; Vic Hird; Markene and Roger Wilson; Mark and Lynn Wilson; Graham Vox; Sam Gilbert; Ronnie Haines (rep G S Haines & Son); David Hewitt; Graham Allenby; Kay Wright; Alan and Sylvia Forman; Clifton Elliott; Geoff Bush; Andy Bush; Margaret Parker; Phillip Digby; Trevor Bradley; Grace Bradley; Natasha Bradley; Conan Leaney; Mr and Mrs Newstead; Dick and Christine Hall; Roger and Amy Wright; Ken Rundle; Sue Rundle; Gerald Porter; Malcolm and Barbara Jackson (rep Mareham Football Club) ; K Picker; Graham and Maggie Harness; Annette Baldry (rep Mervyn and family); Harry Dodds; Isabel Dodds; Paul Spence; Lynn Crowe; June Howman; Paul and Sylvia Millen; John Hoyes; Mr and Mrs David Pettitt; Rebecca Wright; Neil Harvey (rep Harvey Bros); Liz May; Helen Cook; Lynda Benton; Claire Rundle (rep Sheila and Robert Bent); Kevin Barnard (rep Frank Barnard); Colin and Marion Bark; Martin Clough; Paul Gentry (rep Newark Livestock Market); Graham Parkinson (rep Lincoln Red Cattle Society); Millie and Jane Russell (rep John, Penny and Stewart Russell; Beryl Bett ); Mr and Mrs Terry Davy (rep John); Jude Lucas; Phil Elliott; Will Taylor; Kevin Mellor; Chris Banham; Pauline and Elwyn Richards; Alan Howsam; Beth Phipps; Pauline Bell; Clifford Bell; Mrs J Gosling (rep Len Hodgson); Colin Gosling; Malcolm Sharpe; Gordon and Judith Laird; Steven Bell; Linda Mellor; Malcolm Laird; Ken Mellor; Liz Maplethorpe (rep Neil and boys); Eamon and Joan O’Callaghan; John Larke; Jane Howlett (rep Thelma Simpson); John Bontoft; Joan and Cliff Willetts; Edward and Jane Robinson; Michael Walter; Alan Sewell; Louise Todd (rep Harry and Helen Roberts); Ian McNeil; Liz Glazebrook; Ken Early, Robert Perry (rep Chandlers); Mr and Mrs Scarbro; Andrew Smith (rep Lincs Young Farmers); Liliana and Tim Spurrier; Simon Everard; Malcolm Bibby (rep Sharon); Colin Trestrail; Scott Trestrail; Karen Trestrail; Melissa (rep Ross and Hannah Trestrail); Mr R Walter; Mr G Wiggins-Davis;Matt Pykett; Charlie Brunton; Austin Wilson; John Webb; Sally Whiteside; Mr K Foxcroft; Mr D Hodgson; Mr and Mrs A Smith; Mr R Effield (rep Mrs S Effield); Miss E Hemsley; Mrs R Wight; Mr and Mrs R Rust; Mr and Mrs H Bradshaw; Mr and Mrs J Pridgeon.