Obituary: Bessie Smith

The funeral service for Bessie Smith, aged 85 years of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

Bessie was born at Buslingthorpe.

Family mourners were: Christopher (husband); Robert and Maureen (son and partner); Geoffrey (son); David (Son); Christine and Col (daughter and son-in-law); Steven, James and Shannon (partner), Emily, Aaron, Jamie and Braden (grandchildren).

Friends at the funeral service were: Patricia Driffill; Mrs E Ginnelly; Eddie Edwards; Mrs J Jarvill (also rep Lennie Jarvill); Paul Sellars; Janette Johnson; Francis Mitchell (also rep the family); Andrew Morrison (also rep Karen Morrison); Tina Mackenzie; Anne Buckberry (also rep the family); Carl Jackson (also rep Jane Jackson); Sarah Steer (also rep The Salvation Army); Mrs G Scott (also rep Katherine and John); Janet Goodyear; Stuart Proctor (also rep Vanessa Proctor); Mrs R Smith (also rep the Lambie family); Julie and Gordon Lambie; Mr B Fox (also rep Dot and Sally); Eve Bennett (also rep Shaun Bennett and the late Mr G Chambers); Mrs K Appleyard; Diane Larder; Joyce Davey (also rep Jamie Bailey); Tony Smith (also rep the Smith family and acolleagues at Beltec); Pauline Jones; Jane Panton (also rep Bob Panton); Simon Nicholson; Mr and Mrs D Goulsbra (also rep Mrs S Norman); Ryland Harrison; Mr E Flood (also rep Mrs B Flood); Mr and Mrs J Thompson; Tina Newton-Heath.

Arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.