Obituary: Ed Hall

A funeral service for the late Ed Hall, 75, , was held in St Oswald's Church, Strubby.
Garden news EMN-151229-093734001Garden news EMN-151229-093734001
Garden news EMN-151229-093734001

The service was conducted by the Rev Lorraine Turner.

Family mourners were: Pip Hall (wife); Tricia and Andrew Martin (daughter and son-in-law); James and Daniel Martin (grandsons); Nicola and Andrew Dixon (daughter and son-in-law); Pam Hall (sister); Bill Lowis (brother-in-law); Ingrid and Ben Ashton (niece and husband); Bob and Christine Lowis (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Samantha Lowis (niece); and John and David Wilkins.

Other mourners were: Nicola Cowley; Gordon Pridgeon; Margaret Farrow (church warden); John Lacey; Pam Read (also rep Rob and Sarah Read); John and Shirley Read; Andrew and Sarah Read; Ian and Emma Read; Martin Read; David and Barbara Anderson; Michael and Sue Hallgarth; John Pinion; Philip Whiley; Coun Rob Gelsthorpe; Sam and Kelly Gelsthorpe; Ian Brown; Walt and June Tempest; Derek Lee; David Harwood; Matt and Janet Carpenter; Michael Peterson (rep Peterson Construction); Graham and Christine Cross; Tony Curtis (rep Ruby Curtis); Roly Cottingham; Steve and Sue Barnett; Kyle Barnett; Pip Everson; Arthur and Margaret Lovely; Danny and Sandra Roberts; Mike Toynton; Arthur Farrow; Mr and Mrs Robert Gibson-Beban; Barry and Margaret Dixon; Jim and Anne Randall; Roy Willows (also rep Mr and Mrs Eric Young; JT Friskney); Ken and Jane Hickling; Peter Mayo; Sarah Tozeland; Edward Tempest; William Morton; Peter Houldershaw; Toby Clowes (also rep Simon Rawdon); Geoff and Sue Strawson (also rep David Bell and Les Bowser); Norman and Jenny Lea; Rob and Sally Nicholls; Mick and June Brown; Moomee Gungaphul; Andy Robinson; Raymond and Margaret Bark (also rep Andrew Bark; Marie Bella); Pam Dunlop; David Dixon; Glynis and Greg Roberts (also rep Nigel and Jane Skayman); Simon Gray (also rep Andrew Plaskitt); Tim and Karren Watkins.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth.

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