Obituary: Elaine Chantry

The funeral service for Elaine Chantry was held in St Mary's Church, Horncastle.

. EMN-160610-064634001
. EMN-160610-064634001

The Rev Charles Patrick officiated at the service and arrangements were by R H Turner & Son.

Attending the funeral service were:

Mr H Chantry (husband); Mrs C Wingham (daughter); Mr P Chantry (son); Mrs S Plaskitt (mother); Mr B Plaskitt (father); Mrs A Coupland (sister); Mrs Y Giddens (sister); Mr B Coupland (brother-in-law); Mr C Coupland (nephew); Miss L Wilson (nephew’s partner); Miss N Coupland (niece); Mr W Coupland (nephew); Mr D Giddens (brother-in-law); Miss V Giddens (niece); Mr J Giddens (nephew); Mr P Wingham (son-in-law); Master H Wingham (grandson); Miss L Kirk (son’s partner); Mr and Mrs Cyril Plaskitt (rep Edwin Plaskitt); Mr and Mrs D Plaskitt; Jennifer Plaskitt (rep Harold Plaskitt); Nigel Plaskitt; Anthony Plaskitt; Roy and Kathy Plaskitt; Sam Robinson; Mr and Mrs Appleby (neighbours); Mary Allen; Andrew Ellerby; Sally and Bill Dickins; Claire Markham; John and Jane Atkinson; George and Elaine Lancaster (rep Neil and Nicola); Mrs Julie Ross (nee Deane); Graham Ellis; Roger Fairs; Alex Clothier; Katie Drewery; Mr and Mrs Drewery; Linda Groombridge (rep Phillip Groombridge); Alistair Page (rep David Watson); Jill Page; Richard Ireson; Gloria Crawshaw; Sally Tagg; David Johnson; Jake Whanstall; Julie Fisher; Ben Turner (Greencrop); Phil Debenham (Greencrop); Justin Gooderson (Ben Burgess Greencrop); Mrs Eleanor Toyne (rep Mrs Carole Marshall); David Stow (rep Ann Steadman and Mel Norman); Mr and Mrs M Bushell; Amy Bushell; Iris Beattie (rep Wendy Beveridge); Elizabeth Vinters; Matthew Conners; Mr and Mrs J Maplethorpe; Malcolm and Liz Sharpe; Pat McKenzie-Day; Mr and Mrs Burgess; Mrs Greenwood Robinson; Davis Smith; Judy Hickinson; Steve Ellerby; Sue Gray; Ian Sharpe; Jane Sutton (rep Merv Sutton); Jake Sutton; James and Wendy Tagg; Mr and Mrs Coupland; Malcolm and Joan Wright; Mr L Creasey; Mr and Mrs Drewery; Mollie Curtis; Graham Wright; Linda Clements; Janet Padley; Paul and Julie Bark (rep Susan Cornish); Jean and Chris Rossington; Ellis Jones; Tina Mill; John and Judith Hanson; Henry and Helen Fletcher; George Fletcher; Chris Tagg; Mark and Cna Fletcher; Sarah Fletcher; Wendy Currie (rep Clive); Wendy Shelborne (rep Simon); Sue Bain (rep Peter and Joyce Tayles); Neil and Nina Clayton (rep Christopher and Charlotte Clayton, also Mrs Cook); Pam Sutton (rep Roy Sutton); Helen Sutton; Chris Smith (rep Tony and Nicky Burne); Pam Foster; Matt Sutton; David and Jenny Platt; Mr and Mrs A Wingham; Rob and Anna Jackson; Maureen and Keith Baguley; Raymond Hundsdoerfer; William and Kirsty Fletcher.