Obituary: George Arthur Cooper

The funeral service for George Arthur Cooper, aged 84 of Glentham, was held at the parish church.
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The Rev Sally Turnbull officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Mary (wife); Jane, Linda, Andrew (also rep Michael), Deb and Tim (children); Melissa, Carrie and Jamie Montague, Matthew and Rebecca Brownbridge, Cressida Hehir (grandchildren); Abi and Katie Montague (great-grandchildren); Margaret and Peter Robinson (sister and brother-in-law, also rep nephews, nieces and partners - Mark and Nicola, Andrew and Nicola, Karen and Rob); John Hobby and Margaret Wilson (nephew and partner, also rep Joan and Elizabeth Hobby); Jenny Cooper (niece, also rep Cheryl Smith); Sue, Becca and Harriet Luton (son’s partner and daughters); Keith and Ann Birch, Cliff and Mary Cooper, Sheila and Steven Cooper, Philip and Helga Bryan (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Jean Heath; Tony and Shirley James; Anne Turnbull; Elizabeth Smithson; Joyce Kirman; Martin Meehan; Sheila Ardron; Christopher Green; Edward Green; Pat Cogger; Jackie and John Stonehouse; Gordon and Alan Wilson; Helen Sleight (also rep the Sleight family, Julian Anyan, Ruth Anyan and Paul Kirman); Robert and Caroline Vernall; Peter Dixon; Vanessa Smith; Jane Rose; Lorraine Compton; Maureen Dixon; Trevor Jones (also rep Val Enright); John and Jean Keedy; Mont and Myra Mannion; Colin MacGill (also rep Margaret); Hilary Rainer; Pat Beat; Lynn Clark (also rep David Clark); Paul Thompson and Gail; Andrew Taylor; Paul Davies; Betty Shaw; Jan Burgess (also rep Jane and Stewart Maclachlan); Kathleen Halstead (also rep the Halstead family); Janet Minty and Tony Hodgson; Keith and Hazel Newton; Alec Pickering (also rep the Pickering family and Jim Flear); Terry Higgins (also rep Mervyn Davies); David and Sandra Vallance; Carol and Eric Batty; Ann Hills; Ruth Buchanan; Gina Phillips (also rep Dan Duke); Michelle Gooding; David Thompson; Mari Blackstock; Tommy and Daisy Cook; Michael Stevenson.