Obituary: Harriet Elizabeth Mary Chamberlin

The funeral of Betty Chamberlin took place at Hainton Church.
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The Rev Charles Patrick officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Betty’s family, together with many friends, celebrated her long life in a service, followed by prayers and her burial at Sixhills Church, which had been a big part of her life.

Born at North Willingham, Betty married local farmer Joe Chamberlin in 1947 and lived a long and happy 69 years at Manor Farm, Sixhills, farming with her family, caring for her animals and tending her garden, right up to her death.

Family mourners were: Mr and Mrs M E Davenport, Mr and Mrs F F Chamberlin, Mr and Mrs N M Cooper (sons and daughters); Mr and Mrs B Chamberlin, Miss L Chamberlin and Mr S Ellis, Mr T Davenport (also rep Mrs S Davenport), Mr J Davenport (also rep Mrs L Davenport), Mr E Davenport and Miss C Doyle, Mr R Davenport and Miss L Wainwright, Miss A Chamberlin, Mr and Mrs M Chamberlin Rowe, Miss J Chamberlin and Mr C Dench, Mr and Mrs R Chamberlin, Mr and Mrs R Penniston, Miss L Cooper, Miss J Cooper, Mr F Cooper (grandchildren); Mr and Mrs M Chamberlin, Mr S Chamberlin, Mr and Mrs P Staines, Mr and Mrs J Millest, Miss J Chamberlin, Mr and Mrs P Sharpe, Mr and Mrs E Chamberlin, Mr and Mrs J Bett (nephews and nieces); John and Sylvia Beverley.

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs RJ Vickers (also rep the family; Mr G Smith); Mr and Mrs Carr (also rep Susan Lewis); Mrs E Seale (also rep Mr and Mrs M Warburton; Ian Ashdown); Mark Rogers; Alison Lacey (also rep Stephen Richardson); Karen Lee; Mr and Mrs Lee; Sue Dalton; Bridget Holmes (also rep Mrs C Lancaster); Mrs Charles Cade (Normanby); Mr and Mrs J Wright; John Simpson (also rep Betty Jackson; Marion Peatfield); Mandy Curtis; Annabel Haxby (also rep Tom Haxby); Birdie Dawson; Mr D W Johnson (also rep Mrs J B Johnson); Mrs C Fenwick (also rep Jonathan Fenwick); Mr and Mrs J Semple (also rep Mr and Mrs T Semple); Mr R A Bradford; Mrs R M Bradford; Mr and Mrs J Burgess; April Hutchinson; A Smith (also rep the family); Mrs J Parker (also rep Mr Q Parker); David Post; Nigel Douglas; Di Douglas (also rep Mr and Mrs J Cottingham); Mr and Mrs K Frankish (also rep the Frankish family); Martin and Julie Gaughan; Doris Woodall; John Pridgeon; Angelia Skeats; Eileen Skeats; Eric Burkes; Joyce Rhodes (also rep Nancy Bamford and also Olwena and Bronwen Tyrell); Marion Tuplin; Lyn and Bruce Stuart; Eric and Carol Dixon; Peter Jackson (also rep Eileen Jackson); Mr and Mrs H Jackson; Ashley Boyles; Amy Boyles; John and Jenny Wood; Ivor and Ruth Anyan; Mr G M Cooper; Mr M Thackery (also rep the family; Miss D Mundey); Ralph Thornalley; Maria Thornalley; Rita and Dave Goulsbra; Kay Spyvee; Mr and Mrs P Wright (also rep Charles and Louise); Kevin Wallace; Fred Wallace; Steve Kemp; Denise Bridges; Sarah Everard; Margaret Sargeant; Richard Lancaster (also rep Louise Lancaster and also VT Lancaster Butchers); Tom Shaw; Chloe Shaw; Mike and Jane Perkins; Mr R Burton; Mrs J Burton; Tim Richardson; Philip Richardson; George Richardson; Mr and Mrs G Templeton; Tim Williams; Eric and Liz Bell; Lindsey Wright; Richard Coulson; Brenda Coulson; Joe Coulson; Ken and Rachel Wood; Bill Shaw; Kathy Shaw; Martin Turnbull; Helen Waring; Tim and Kerry Strawson; Mr and Mrs D Goulsbra; Mrs H Reed; Mr and Mrs D Fawcett; Mrs H Fawcett; Mrs S Fisher; Mr R Fisher; T Hutch; Matt Boulton; Miss R E Cade; Jen Barrett (also rep the Barrett family); Marcus Edmundson; Paul Williams (also rep Vicky Williams, Ian Watson and also Louth Park Farms); Owen Kemp; Diane Marshall; Jill and Richard Ellis (also rep Susan and David Lewis); Irene Lyons; David Cosgrove; Jim and Rita Burks; Sandra and Brian White; (Rest of the Cosgrove family); Ryan Kemp; Nicola Poucher; Virginia Edmundson; Jonathan Holt; David, Jane and Elizabeth Coulson; Steven Dixon; Leslie Leonard; Paul Goy (also rep Mr and Mrs Christopher Heneage; Mrs R Heneage); Mr and Mrs Alan Bray (also rep Mr and Mrs H Bray); Steven Kirk; Sue Cosgrove (also rep Maurice Poucher and also Sarah Ford); Jane Cosgrove (also rep Sam and Brian White; Pat Burrows); Mrs S Grooby (also rep Mr K Grooby); Mrs G Campion; Mr and Mrs C Wilson (also rep Grace Clark; Christopher Wilson Jnr); Jane Hiles; Mr and Mrs J Bennett; Mr and Mrs M Garbutt; Beryl Bett; Mrs J Read; Julian and Liz Basford; Jane Wright; Jo Needler; Derek Richardson (also rep Jean); Ralph Richardson (also rep Jean); William Wallace; Mr and Mrs Graham Neave (also rep Laura Vincent); Emily Turk; Mr and Mrs P Vergette (also rep the Vergette family); Nigel Wakefield; Mr and Mrs P Everett; Mr and Mrs R Semple; Stella Gray (also rep Cyril Gray); Mason Cole; Jill Greenwood; Philip and Morwenna Davenport; Mr and Mrs Ronald Ryan; Mary Jordan; Peter Cahalin; Mr and Mrs B Oxborrow; Mr and Mrs G Mowbray (also rep Mr and Mrs Minns); Richard and Mrs Stamp; Jonathan and Sarah Stamp; Mr and Mrs John Bonusl; Mr and Mrs J Hairsine; Abigale Clarke; Mr and Mrs Pat Grant; Janet Hyland (also rep C Hyland); Graham Noon; Barbara Baker; Dave Shaw; Neil, Jill and Hanna Cartwright; Mr and Mrs P Cook; Mike Lawrence; Jenny Rogers; Donald and Janet Sutherland (also rep Chris Walshaw); Lindsey Fell.