Obituary: Montague William Pearce

The funeral service for Montague William Pearce (89) was held at St Mary's Church, Binbrook.


Alan Walmsley officiated at the service and arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services, Louth.

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Family mourners attending were: Pamela Pearce (wife); Michael and Susan Hurt (daughter and son-in-law); Stephen and Sandra Wilkinson (daughter and son-in-law); Katrina Powell (granddaughter); Elli Powell (great-granddaughter); Neil and Karen Davis (granddaughter and husband); Alex and Stephen Hurt (grandson and wife); Michael and Gemma Beck (grandson and wife); Lesley Robinson (great-niece, also rep Leeson Pearce, cousin, and Lisa Piggott, great-niece); Denis Russell (cousin); Janet and Ron Leeman (cousin and husband); Ann and Derek Haworth (cousin and husband); Sheila Goodwin (cousin); Michael Eyre (cousin); David Eyre (cousin).

Other mourners attending: Derek Richardson (also rep Jean); Ralph and Ruth Richardson; Maree Frankish (rep Kevin, also the Frankish family); Phil Dyas (also rep Jennifer Wain); William and Gill Wilkinson; Maureen Skelton; Ivor and Ann Appleton; Tony Drew; Robert Wilkinson and Jennifer Layton; Fiona Wilkinson and Philip Drinkwater; Tony and Deanna Bradley (also rep Rose Read); Rose Read; Marlene and Henry Burton (also rep Jonathon Burton); Elizabeth Calvert; Nick and Lynne Stones; Ian Frame; Susan and Richard Dodd; Bob and Millie Hoggett; Sheila and Brian Adamson; Frank and Bev Preston (also rep Mac and Mary Wilson, and the Preston family); Ro and Ray Fussey; Nick Brook; Barbara Staniforth; Mr and Mrs Wayne and Lucy Wilson; Terry and Elsa Mumby; John Shaw (also rep Julie); Sylvia Everton (also rep Sheila Frame ‘Bet’); Lesley Drew (also rep Mick, and the Drew family); Pete and Jean Escombe; Barbara Edge; Amanda Winter (also rep Ann Huxstep); Gerry Gould; Ken and Allison Bottomley; Jen Carlyon; Steve Bygott; Maurice and Jean Rutland; Colin Rutland; Keith Bratley; Jayne Egan; Hugh Stark; Helen Thompson; June and Malcolm Woodcock; Viv Hildred (also rep Waterloo House); Carol Davison (also rep Waterloo House); Gerald Brown; John Brook; Bob and Catherine Sturgess.