OBSERVER: Extend the deal to all our car parks

At last! It seems the borough council '˜have been listening' to comments from residents '“ and me '“ regarding reducing the price of parking.
Pay and Display car park machine in Boston.Pay and Display car park machine in Boston.
Pay and Display car park machine in Boston.

They have announced a rate of £2 all day on the Tunnard Street car park in the hope that visitors will be prepared to park there and then enjoy the charms of our town.

Well, it’s a start but (I have to be critical, don’t I, it’s expected!) why not go the whole mile and actually introduce reduced rates on all the car parks, perhaps including a free session for an hour on at least one?

Then, they can monitor the result and see if the number of visitors actually increases.

Boston seems to be the only town in the area which doesn’t offer free parking anywhere; if others can do it – and claim this increases visitor numbers – why can’t we?

And if the council can do a ‘u-turn’ on this subject, why not on other decisions made in recent months?

They’ve already had to clarify to the public what they proposed regarding the toilets.

No matter what they say now, to all intents and purposes it appeared to everyone at the time (apart from councillors, of course) that the intention was to possibly close toilets and rely on businesses to do the job for them.

No no, they say now, that was not the intention.