Tight fit for Bella the cat among RSPCA top rescues

National charity the RSPCA has released its top, and most unusual, rescues of the last year - with a sticky situation for this Lincolnshire cat.
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In 2021, 281,390 incidents were reported to the charity’s frontline teams via its emergency hotline - with 46,075 in the East and West Midlands - including helping lots of animals who got themselves into rather amusing situations. Luckily, they all had a happy ending.

The RSPCA has now revealed its top rescues of 2021 across the Midlands, with this poor cat needed help after getting wedged in a tiny 3in gap between two walls here in Lincolnshire.

It’s thought Bella got stuck after chasing something into the gap, and rescuer Deborah Scotcher rushed to her home on November 19 to help firefighters free the stricken puss.

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She said: “After several attempts we actually managed to coax poor Bella out backwards and she was returned to her very grateful owner.

“She was given a once over and, other than being a bit dishevelled and a missing claw, she was fine. I’m just so glad that it was a happy ending for all involved.”

Another unusual rescue for the RSPCA here in Lincolnshire was this greedy squirrel who needed a helping hand after getting his body wedged in a birdfeeder.

Rescuer Claire Mitchell was called to Scunthorpe on December 17 when a resident spotted the stricken squirrel.

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Claire said: “His legs were just dangling out of the feeder which reminded me of Santa stuck in a chimney!

“Luckily his predicament was spotted by the residents who alerted us or he could have endured prolonged suffering.

“He was obviously frightened but otherwise appeared unscathed from his ordeal - however he probably needs to lay off the nuts for a while!”

The grey squirrel was released back into the wild there and then as he did not require any treatment.