A good year ahead? Your horoscopes for 2014

Stargazer Jeanne Douglas has been looking at what the year ahead has in store for you...
Stargazer Jeanne DouglasStargazer Jeanne Douglas
Stargazer Jeanne Douglas


20 March – 19 April

The year 2014 will focus on matters of the heart – and taking the next steps! Whereas previous years have found you building a practical base for a partnership, this year you get the chance to forge ahead. Discovering true feelings and learning all about what you really want brings many lessons – and not all unpleasant, for this should also be a period of finding yourself and quite a journey of discovery. Male relatives help you to expand a business as well as encourage you to have a travel adventure! So a great holiday is likely this year and this could be quite exotic.


20 April – 20 May

Developing your dreams becomes a distinct possibility this year as firm plans get ‘off the ground’. This means busy times for you – during 2014 – as social networking and a need to get out and about become essential, if you are to find success - and you’re destined to do so! Others have learnt, over the years, to trust your amazing insights, in a business sense, and this time will follow the leader – which is you - offering to help out and look after your interests. A partner has their own plate full however and needs space and some especially quiet time.


21 May – 20 June

This year will see you continuing to build on your finances – and saving is an absolutely must! Previously, you will have used valuable funds to attend to essentials and utmost practicalities, putting things right and honouring agreements. However, the trend this year is to start putting it away for a rainy day for there are indications of interesting and fulfilling times ahead - and you won’t have to work so hard then! Even though you’re a little confused and uncertain of your career, powerful and clever friends help you to achieve goals. A partner gets serious!


21 June – 21 July

Lively and sociable times are ahead of you in 2014. This is going to be an exciting year, being as you get the time and space that you need to really find out what it is you really want – and go for it! You may find that others are imposing, with worries and concerns of their own, that they will need help with. As a result, you will learn to pick and choose your company carefully during 2014, helping those that need it but seeking out the fun-loving types when you’re ready to let your hair down. A partner grapples with a position of power and authority, learning much.


22 July – 22 August

This year – quite dramatically – sees a dream come true, as some idea slips into reality, not without some care and attention on your part. And although this will certainly involve a large amount of work during the first half of 2014, by mid-summer, you’ll start to reap the emotional rewards with increased happiness and a little more time to yourself! Home matters will dominate at times however and you’ll feel duty bound to support family – especially father-figures – so that some hard work and application is involved. Being in a position of authority tests your stamina.


23 August – 22 September

Partners in love are mysterious and alluring! So much so that they are fascinating and 2014 looks like a year full of romance and sweet dreaming. This isn’t quite your style, being basically practical with a no-nonsense approach. However, given the heaviness of recent years, you’re ready for something light-hearted and less stressful. So – happily – as the year progresses, you start to feel hopeful that heavy commitments will eventually start to lift. Powerful friends and acquaintances ensure that you have the capacity – and know-how to cope.


23 September – 22 October

Your finances continue to have a stranglehold upon you and, try as you might, you just can’t escape! So – yes – your financial

commitments will continue to dominate. However, you really are destined to crack this problem once and for all this year, but will find yourself having to pursue some interesting job, which solves the financial crisis – for good! But this brings its own trials and tribulations although at least others will begin to take you more seriously than they have done for a long time. Working from home brings enormous success and you still get some travel fun.


23 October – 21 November

All this hard work and application should start paying off soon – you hope – but this will take a while longer yet! However, for now, just be content that you are going and getting somewhere – in 2014, although you’re not quite sure at present where this will be. In a social setting, you’re quite a force to contend with and others will find you strong and even overwhelming at times, as you push and shove ahead! Others will be amazed by the power of your mind and almost genius approach. However, deep down, you’re ready for some quiet creative times . . .


22 November – 20 December

With so many worries on your mind – and so much doubt – you’re quite determined to get somewhere in 2014! Money is also a concern although you’ll be able to earn a good amount, even though it’s all spoken for down the line. Your domestic life offers you some real escape and clever friends excite and fascinate you. There’s no doubt that you’ll feel lucky this year and will see your hard work starting to pay off, as the good rewards flow in. And even though you’ll still feel tied at times, you invite romance into your home and manage a few adventures!


21 D ecember – 19 January

Taken by surprise by events over the last year or so, you’ll find yourself at the centre of activity, wielding power and making some quite profound decisions. A partner has itchy feet and is determined to travel, doing their own thing and having some great adventures; this is difficult being as you don’t always be able to get away and may feel a little like a party pooper at times. But this is just where life finds you in 2014 – finally getting somewhere and earning some respect! Others find you rather elusive yourself, being as you’re just so busy. Working from home is likely.


20 January – 17 February

Money has the power to transport you and to manifest your dreams – but only if you’re prepared to take the first step! For

all that you’ve ever wanted is at your feet right now. So it’s down to you, during 2014. Clever friends and inspiring and you take a chance, allowing them to lead you forward. This will involve a change of scene and travelling around more than you’d usually expect. However, heavy work commitments mean that you won’t feel free enough to travel far away. You’re also aware of very real worries that are weighing upon your mind; try and shake them!


18 February – 19 March

With Neptune in your sign, others will wonder just what’s got into you when you just do your own thing, with no thought or concern as to the consequences – in 2014. For you’re getting back to your real self after a few testing and trying years and life is simply fabulous! Small wonder that others will find you interesting and your popularity soars through the roof. Expect all sorts of social invites and fun times. However, with a few years behind you of hard work and application, you’re not likely to let it go that easily, as you continue to improve your financial position.

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