Advice for Christmas

The weather might be on the chilly side, but coming into Worksop town centre at this time of year gives you that lovely warm feeling inside.

There are coloured lights everywhere and the sound of Christmas carols coming from all directions. The shops are buzzing with people buying gifts for their loved ones.

We’d just like to remind you that there are people out there who do not share our yuletide spirit and who think nothing of ruining Christmas for others.

When you are out doing your Christmas shopping, keep an eye on your bags. Fasten handbags and try to distribute items like your purse, keys and mobile phone, about your person. Do not carry large quantities of cash and stick to well-lit, busy areas.

Avoid leaving valuables, including filled shopping bags and electrical cables - which suggests there may be something more valuable like a sat nav or laptop hidden inside - in view in your parked car. The presents may not be wrapped yet, but leaving them on display is a perfect gift for a criminal.

It’s easy to be distracted when you have a shopping list the length of your arm, but don’t forget the basics: always lock all your car doors, including the boot. Make sure all your windows are closed, including the sun roof, and, where possible, open your glove box and remove your parcel shelf to show window shopping thieves that there is nothing inside.

Coupled with your diligence, we are also working hard to ensure your cars are as safe as possible while you are shopping.

We have increased patrols in and around the town centre and are working closely with shops and licensees to help ensure any day or night out in Worksop this Christmas is an enjoyable and safe one.

Our Pre-Crime team have also been working in partnership with Bassetlaw District Council to bring all 17 local authority-owed car parks up to the highest standard of security under the Park Mark® Safer scheme.