At what cost are cuts to ambulances?

The Country is at its best when the nation’s celebrating. Being British, the weather is never a problem.

Remember all those days as kids at the seaside ignoring the rain, with purple mottled skin and brazening out the cold?

It is what makes us British (and sends loads of you off to Spain at the first opportunity for some sun).

Next we have Wimbledon, the Open and the European Football Championship, followed by the Olympics and Paralympics. Olympic fever is not yet upon us, but it will suddenly explode soon.

Get those flags waving and prepare to party again.

We are now also in the exam period at our schools and I repeat my prediction for big improvements in the results locally.

I invite the cynics about today’s exams to try one out and see if they are as easy as they claim they are.

Perhaps the Guardian could publish this year’s maths paper for its readers to test themselves out on?

I am inviting Welbeck Estate Brewery to guest its beer in Parliament - before someone decides that everyone in the building should go teetotal.

Claire Monk from the Brewery is the youngest woman brewer in the country and she has also agreed to run a bar at our annual veteran’s event on July 6th.

We have a record number of veterans applying to attend and you must register in advance to get your ticket by ringing my office on 01909 506200 or emailing [email protected]


I have been drawn into an argument in Parliament about whether we have too many bookmakers on our high streets.

In my view it is better to be on the high street than isolated like the William’s Hills bookie in Manton which was attacked by arsonists.

I think that bookies contribute to the mix on the high street, which is safer for staff and customers, and I reject the idea of reducing the number.

What is your experience of our ambulance service?

I am keen to hear in confidence from ambulance staff and from patients on whether the cuts are having a dangerously big impact.

Rumour reaches me that we are already beyond critical cover at certain times. If you have had delays in an ambulance getting to you recently, then I need to know about it. Total confidentiality is assured, including for ambulance staff and other NHS staff.