Car park hikes are a bitter pill for us all

Down at County Hall, they seem to have overlooked the Worksop bus station yet again.

They have also killed dead the Welham by-pass which was ready to go in 2009 and is vital to many people in Retford , Clarborough and Welham.

Meanwhile national Government is looking at toll roads. I totally disagree.

I can see the logic of congestion charging in London, but toll roads in counties like Notts would kill off small businesses and merely create a series of rat runs.

It is bad enough having to pay a toll for going over Dunham Bridge and the Humber Bridge.

Some brain box has come up with the idea of toll roads across the country and councils are beginning to look at it.

I am calling on our County Council in Nottingham to kill the idea dead for us.

We don’t want toll roads here thank you very much.

The Guardian has called recently for us all to fight for a Worksop bus station and so today I am putting the call out for 10,000 signatures saying that we need a bus station now.

The petitions will be rolled out over the next few weeks and building up the momentum so that we can show that we mean business.

What other town in Britain would put up with what we have - it is an insult to everyone but especially to our pensioners.

The petition will be available from my office, and anyone can take a sheet to their pub, club or workplace.

Let’s get together and get the 10,000 signatures needed to make County Hall back down and give us our new bus station.


Our District Council is facing the squeeze from national Government and will be putting up car parking charges.

Everyone knows that I would have the first hour free, but I have not won the argument.

However if Councillors are adamant that they must put up the charges in order to maintain their income then there is another way they can increase revenue.

Currently 220 people have been issued with free car park passes for use in Bassetlaw car parks.

In my view these passes are unnecessary as there is free car parking available at both Town Halls for those on Council business.

As we are all in this together I am certain that the number of passes can be greatly reduced - even Aldermen are given them.

In my view this will help sweeten the bitter pill that we are having to swallow.