COLUMN: A heartful ‘thank you’ to our GP surgeries for Covid effort

In some ways March 2020 seems like a lifetime ago. We were shut away in our homes, lucky enough to be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Meanwhile GPs and their teams continued to go to work.
Duncan & Toplis' Kay Botley.Duncan & Toplis' Kay Botley.
Duncan & Toplis' Kay Botley.

Through the work we do with our healthcare clients, we saw the many different challenges that surgeries faced.

Despite adversity, we also saw technological advancement, improvements in systems and great camaraderie in practice teams.

It was great to attend the Lincolnshire Local Medical Committee Recognition and Reflection Conference at Lincolnshire Showground this summer. Duncan & Toplis was the headline sponsor, and we couldn’t be happier to have supported such a special event.

I was there on behalf of our whole team to say a heartfelt ‘thank you' to Lincolnshire practices for their hard work and dedication throughout the pandemic. While things are yet to return to ‘normal’ in general practice, our GPs and support teams should hold their heads high at how well they have coped.

Getting through the pandemic in the way they did is quite the achievement, and it was only right that they got the chance to come together to enjoy an evening of food, drinks, music, speeches and even some magic!

Sir Professor Jonathan Van Tam also attended the event to deliver a speech on the national overview, and to commend Lincolnshire practice teams. It really was humbling to share a stage with ‘JVT’.

As Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England throughout the pandemic, Professor Van Tam was a regular face on our televisions during the daily briefings. His calmness and use of football analogies I’m sure helped all of us to feel reassured during what was an uncertain and difficult time. He also flew the flag for Lincolnshire, having been born in Boston and regularly wearing his Pilgrims tie during the briefings!

It was a great night celebrating Lincolnshire’s general practices, and I can only hope that when we reflect again in another couple of years, the pandemic will no longer be having the impact it still is.